Ride 858 Zeus Scooter Deck – X Large 21.5″x5″ – Black

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Featuring the same design from the deck off the highly acclaimed Ride858 High Roller MK2 Complete Scooter, the Zeus Deck has been crafted by the gods.

Measuring 5.” wide x 21.5″ long with a healthy 14.57″ of foot space, the Ride858 Zeus Deck has some handy 50.50 grooves to allow for a satisfying connection to the rail on your buttery grinds.

A nifty removable blunt plate and the increasingly sought after square dropouts push this godly creation towards the top of the new trend of boxed scooter decks!

#50-50 groove
Forged necktube
Removable nose blunt plate
Square drop outs for improved grinds
Made by Gods