CORE Galaxy Titanium Stunt Scooter Bars Raw

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CORE® Titanium Bars have been rode, tested and approved by our entire team. Withstanding impact, improving trick speed (Barspins and Tailwhips) whilst looking absolutely gorgeous. Constructed out of space grade titanium and designed to feel perfect in your hands. These bars are a must have for ALL experienced scooter riders. Our titanium bars fit both SCS and HIC. Titanium bars are the lightest bar in the market and ours are no exception. Weighing in at less than 800g; all weight has been saved without sacrificing strength. These are the lightest bars on the market. Titanium bars are the most sought after bars on the market. Make sure you get yours quick because they wont be in stock for very long. PLEASE NOTE! Titanium is a high grade metal and any modification of these bars will void your warranty. These bars come with a 30 Day none negotiable warranty. Titanium bars are created for the experienced rider and should be treated as such. 680mm High 630mm Wide Comes Without Slit Weight – <800g