About Us

Scootlab is a brand new scooter shop in the south west, based in a very busy indoor skatepark called prevail skatehouse.

We aim to give the best customer service possible and to become the best online and walk in store scooter shop in Europe.

With all my years of constantly fixing mine and my friends scooters, working in multiple engineering jobs and running 2 different scooter brands it has helped me meet all the big icons in the scooter industry and ride with them, it has also given me all the experience I needed to start Scootlab


Alex Stanzel


My name is Alex Stanzel I’m 21 years old from the South West of the UK.

I’ve been riding for 8 years and have been riding professionally for 3 years now

3 years ago i was given the opportunity to be the team manager for Rilla pro scooters witch gave me the opportunity to travel around Europe meeting all the big riders and industry icons.

I started scootlab because growing up i loved to help people and especially help scooter riders with there scooter issues or there problems.

working in multiple jobs and having a level 3 diploma in engineering gave me the experience i needed to work in a shop and i couldn’t think of any better job that my dream job.

Jay Phillips


Prevail skatehouse & scootlab


Hand plant & whip front scooter


Matty Ceravolo envy scooters

I have been riding for 8 years I started at my local park in swanage,I love every minute of it



 2018 Scootlab

Prevail Skatehouse

65 - 67 Ringwood road